Younk FAQ


What does Blockchain do?

Blockchain technology ensures transparency and trust in the tracking and distribution of revenue and ownership rights. With Younk, the process of discovering new Hits and supporting the Artists has never been easier. Younk is an innovative platform that gives you exclusive access to the privileged music industry.


What is a Community-Based Music Label?

It's just like a regular music label, only better! It is Artist and community oriented and everyone can upload their Tracks for free. Listeners can select what they like the most, while experienced, professional music industry Experts help produce and distribute it through approximately 150+ digital platforms. The major advantage is the revenue is tracked and distributed independently using Blockchain to all Younk contributors.


Who is a Hit-Hunter?

Anyone who contributes YNK Tokens to support a future Hit and who receives benefits via a Smart Contract.


What is a Track?

Audio and/or visual creative content from the Artist.


How can I push my track to the TOP?

The community votes with "hand sign". So the more fans you engage with on social media, the sooner you're Tracks will fly up to the Top. So don't forget to connect your social media accounts and share your Track to get more support.


What is a Success Story?

A story about a Track, which has been selected by the Community and completed the Hit Funding and Production cycles.


What is a Community?

A group of music lovers, who listen, vote, support, and fund their favorite tracks.


What is Voting?

The process through which the Community selects its favorite tracks.


What is a Dashboard?

A summary screen of your transaction and account history. It can help you to become a successful HitHunter.


How does the distribution work?

Once produced, the Hit will be released on approximately approximately 150+ digital platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and YouTube. All revenue from distribution, syncs, performance rights, etc., will be collected in fiat currency, converted to YNK Tokens, and then automatically distributed among the platform contributors via Smart Contracts based on their Digital Ownership Certificate shares.

Note: Artist royalties per the Smart Contract are paid in ($) fiat currency.


Who runs Younk?

Co-Founders Andrey Dakhovskyy and Don Grierson run Younk, along with a whole bunch of music lovin' beavers.


What is the maximum amount of tracks an Artist can upload?

A maximum of 4 Tracks can be uploaded by an Artist. You can delete or change an uploaded Track if it has not reached the Voting or Funding stage


What is a Top?

A chart of all uploaded Tracks, where the Top 3 Tracks go to Hit Funding.


What is a Soft Cap?

The minimum amount of YNK Tokens needed for a track to be produced and distributed.


What do I do if experts don't leave a review?

Every single day, every Track you play, every song you make, every step you take, we'll be listening to you. (with apologies to The Police)
To be clear, our experts listen to each and every Track uploaded. Don't worry, if you didn't receive a review yet, it might be coming. However, some Tracks will need more work before they get a review. It's time to work on your content or upload another Track to the platform!


How can I improve my track?

If your Track didn't reach the Hit Funding you can work on it some more and re-upload it. To get better results, it helps to have video to go with the music.