Holiday Music for the Superior Temporal Gyrus

Here's a holiday playlist from the good folks at Atom Collector Records called The Christmas Collection 1.  These are
the same hard working  artists / promoters who gave Soundclouders *"Unsigned Artist Spotlight--The Best Music
You've Never Heard' (Spotify Playlist).

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Pray For Levi--Our Veterans Deserve Better

The Band Oslo Snowe debut video EP called Broadreach features the track, Pray For Levi
which is the antithesis of anti Vietnam War protest songs that were popular in the mid 1960's and 1970's.  
With a sense of deep…

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Unintentionally Stuck In The Middle Of Cotton Field Blues

We were all surprised this week to discover our track “Don’t Hand Me The Blues”
found itself smack in the middle of “cotton field blues topics” search results out in
the blogosphere ranging from Lightning Hopkins to BB King Mississippi…

Video game heroines exaggerated sexualized physiques.

The dance/EDM song, There's Something You Got was inspired by today’s media bombardment
of video game heroines that are drawn with exaggerated and highly sexualized physiques. Part
rock, part electro, the band’s guitar riffs and power chords ebb and flow…

Hillary's Rope-A-Dope Prep For Trump Debate

As the Hillary Clinton camp goes about preparing for the September 26th debate
with Donald Trump they should take a page from the late Muhammad Ali’s playbook
with a boxing technique called “Rope-A-Dope” in which a boxer pretends to be…

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